Saturday, December 10, 2011

Globally change user preferences in BO 3.1

Topic: How to globally change users' preferences in Business Objects 3.1

When we log into Business Objects 3.1 Infoview, by default we are brought to the Navigate/Personalize window. Then from here we need to click on Document List, My Favorites and so on, to go where we need to go. So, if a user belongs to Accounting department for example and only has access to Accounting folder, he/she needs to click on Document List and then Accounting folder, every time he logs into Infoview. Now, if all 50 Accounting employees need to do this several times a day, every day, it becomes cumbersome and valuable time is lost.

This video will walk you through on how to globally set preferences for individual groups and redirect to unique locations; e.g. Accounting group to Accounting folder, Marketing group to their inboxes and so on.

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