Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to create Custom LOVs in Dimensions

Video walkthrough - How to Create and or Edit Custom List Of Values (LOVs) in Dimensions of Business Objects Universes.

Topics Covered:
1) Creating and Editing Context based Custom LOVs
2) Sneak peak at how Business Objects actually generates all Dimensions' List Of Values


You have 35 Customers which is tied to a "Customer" dimension. Amongst these customers, 25 of them made reservations and they are tied to a dimension called "Reservations" and 21 of them actually converted into sales and they are tied to "Sales" dimension.

While creating reports using the universe containing the above dimensions, if your Marketing team wants to see only the 25 customers in their Query filter or if your Accounting department wants to see only the 21 customers in their Query filter while building WebI reports, we'd need to create 2 additional dimensions based off of the original "Customer" dimensions and we may call them "Reservations Customers" and "Sales Customers". From the Designer, we will have to go to the properties of these latter 2 dimensions and modify their default LOV.

Once we've successfully created custom LOVs of the 2 new customer dimensions, then if the Marketing team and the Accounting team drags in their respective customer dimensions in their Query Filter, they will only see 25 and 21 customers, not the entire list of 35 customers.

See video for complete walkthrough...