Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Migrate Personal Folders in BO

Video (slideshow) walkthrough: How to migrate specific User Folders (BO XIR2) or Personal Folders (BO 3.1 +) using Import Wizard.

Topics Covered:
1) Creating custom group and assigning desired users to the custom group
2) Migrating using Import Wizard

A problem I faced when migrating from XIR2 to 3.1 is that when I wanted to migrate specific users' or specific department's users' favorite folders. Import Wizard would only allow me to select a group, and not individual users. So, I decided to create a custom group in CMC and assign specific users or specific departments (i.e. groups belonging to those departments) to this custom group. Now, the Import Wizard would let me select this custom group to migrate, and I'd have total control over it. I can decide whether I put 1 user in this group from CMC or 100. Short video below quickly goes over the steps. Enjoy!