Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick steps to recover BO content from Backup

Steps to recover Business Objects objects, including all types of Reports and Universes, from Backup. (look for a better, more detailed version in BO Admin guide)

You always have the following 2 components in a BOXI environment: CMS Database and Filestore folder. We'll call the current/present versions CMS_DB and Filestore

1) Stop all BOXI services from CCM.

2) Get a copy of CMS_DB from yesterday or whenever you had a proper working BO environment, from where you could retrieve your lost objects; rename it to CMS_Backup. System Admins or DBA will get you this. Place CMS_Backup in any DB server. 

3) Rename your current Filestore folder to Filestore_Current

4) Get a copy of the Filestore folder from the same date as you got your CMS_DB backup in #2; put this in the same directory where you have Filestore_Current

5) Create a Data Source X (ODBC or whatever u guys use) and point to CMS_Backup.

8) Point CMS (service) from CCM > CMS > Configuration > using X to CMS_Backup

9) Start CMS, Input File Repository, Output File Repository. BO will act as if it's in the past; we'll call this BO Historic

10) Start Import Wizard and Import your lost objects. Source BO > Destination BIAR > browse and pick your Reports, Universe, etc from this BO Historic > BIAR them. 

11) STOP all BO services

12) Rename Filestore (which is really from Filestore folder from backup) to Filestore_Backup. 

13) Point CMS to your CMS_DB using the existing Data Source. 

14) Start ALL BO services. 

15) Import your lost objects from the BIAR file to present environment. Import Wizard > Source BIAR > Destination BO > Automatically Rename blah blah blah > done.