Sunday, August 16, 2009

Migrate Universes from Development to Production

Universe Migration steps:

This is one of the ways to migrate a universe from Development to Production universe if you want to keep them consistent and identical.

We'll use a generic example: X and Y are the same universe in different environments-Development and Production respectively. It's always best practice to archive all universes that need to be updated, using Import Wizard's BIAR (Business Intelligence Archive Resource).

So we have:
* Dev Environment: Universe X
* Production Environment: Universe Y

1) Update: Universe X (add dimensions, tables, etc - update this universe)

2) Copy: Copy Universe X and name it "Universe X - Copy" (in Development)

3) Migrate: "Universe X - Copy" to Production from Development (Using Import Wizard)

4) Backup: Universe Y (Either create a copy of this in Production or BIAR it)

5) Designer: Open "Universe X - Copy" (in Production)

6) Data source: Update Data Source of "Universe X - Copy" with the Data Source of "Universe Y"

7) Publish to Prod: Rename / Replace "Universe X - Copy" to "Universe Y"

8) Delete Universe Connection that got carried over by "Universe X - Copy" from Dev to Production.

9) Delete "Universe X - Copy" from Production

10) Delete "Universe X - Copy" from Test

Finally, the updated Universe X from Development is now the new Universe Y in Production.