Sunday, January 23, 2011

SQL Basics in 30 Minutes - Part 1

Topic: SQL Basics in ~30 Minutes - Part 1: Visual demonstration of Select, From and Where clauses in SQL Server 2005. I've created a little table in Excel so beginners can visual these SQL commands. 

Business Intelligence and SQL go hand to hand. You cannot be an expert BI Consultant without knowing SQL proficiently. Sure, in a large enterprise scenario, BO Admins and Architects for example may never need to type a single SQL query, but you are not likely going to be a confident consultant. In the world of BI, SQL is your best friend!

This part 1 is for absolute beginners. I didn't wan't to jump into creating tables and stuff, and thought maybe it'd be helpful for the beginners to kind have most of the important commands in one short video series. I am going to cover few more important SQL commands in the next 2 videos including Create (Tables), Insert Into, Views and more.


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