Friday, April 9, 2010

What is Business Views?

> What the heck is Business Views?? That's what I said to myself when I saw Business View Manager for the first time! So, don't worry if you haven't used Business Views or are just found out about it. It's pretty straight forward and easy. I learnt it in 15 minutes basically, simply by trying to create all the 5 Objects of this application, so can you!

Quick Intro: You can think of Business View Manager like an alternate mini version of Universe Designer. Just like you can throw in 10s of tables in Designer to create an Universe and use that universe to build DeskI or WebI reports, you can do the same thing using Business View Manager by throwing in 10s of tables or custom SQL to create a 'Business View' and use that in Crystal Reports. For the super geeks, please feel free to gobble up the Business Views™ Administrator's Guide and share with us your discoveries, thanks!

Video Walkthrough: How to use Business View Manager to create Dynamic List of Values and use them in Crystal Reports.

Topics Covered:
1) Introduction to Business View Manager, part of Business Objects XI R2/3.1.
2) How to create Data Connection, Data Foundation, Business Element, Business View and List of Values.
3) How to use List of Values in Crystal Reports to create cascading prompts.

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