Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to Retreive List of Objects from an Universe

Visual walkthrough: How to extract list of all Objects, Conditions, Hierarchies, Tables, Joins, Contexts and Parameters from an Universe using Designer.

Topics Covered:
1) Exploring the Print/PDF Options of the Designer
2) Saving universe as PDF to get the list of all desired details of that universe

[1] Once you have your universe opened, go to Tools > Options and select the appropriate options:

[2] Select your options. Make sure to select Objects and Hierarchies to get the tree structured view (see below, Step 6).

[3] Save the universe.

[4] Make sure to save the universe as PDF.

[5] Here's your universe summary:

[6] Universe details:

[7] And finally, snapshot of the actual universe; in this case, our favorite - Island Resort Marketing. You get the snapshot by selecting "Graphical Structure" from step 2.


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  1. Thanks you very much, it is great help for me