Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Static Parameters in Crystal Reports

Video - Topics covered:

This is a follow up video of our previous video on How to create Crystal report using Standard Report Wizard.

1) Static Parameters - Static parameters are used in prompts values or List of Values that do not change, or do not change frequently. For example, if a report requires a prompt to select a particular State, it would ideal to use a Static LOVs because the number of states is unlikely to change any time soon. Also, static parameters are very fast becuase all the LOVs are loaded in the report and Crystal Reports does not have to query the data source to retrieve the LOVs.

2) Static List of Values - used by Static parameters, can be retrieved and stored with Static Parameters created on a Crystal report using the 'Append All Database Values' feature. You can also import the LOVs from external text files or simply type your own LOVs.

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