Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Typical Web Intelligence Memory Error

Problem: The Web Intelligence Server Memory is Full. Please log off and try to connect again later. If problem persits, contact your Buisness Objects Administrator. (Error: ERR_WIS_30280) (Error: INF)

Solution: Let's read people. As it suggests, "if problem persists" -- this tells you (as a user) this is usually a temporary problem. As an admin, run some audit reports from your Activity universe (more on this later) and see which WebI reports are using up your WIReportServers (WIReportServer.exe). You may also increase the number of your Web Intelligence Servers to handle more WebI report requests. Based on your audit reports, if you've pin pointed the WebI reports that may be causing the WebI servers to run out of memories, best option would be to to remove those report from Production environment and rework them on Test.

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